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more and more consumers began to favor the high-end jewelry, diamond, blue Sapphire, Emerald, colored gemstone consisting mainly of high-value jewellery very popular. In addition, the high-end customer base has improved significantly in recent years, and tend to be younger, most started to focus on design. Fuzhou chrome hearts jewelry outlet online jewelry practitioners Yap told reporters that the new advisory information since the first quarter of 2015 is more than twice last year more than doubled, chrome hearts jewelry collection accept clients the high-end jewelry customized number reach three quarters of last year. Pursuit of precision craftsmen hand-made, high-quality was good quality high end jewelry market, more and more people in the industry look good.

I wonder how many high-end jewelry making?

First, the jewelry maker with soft wax or hard wax engraving and milling model. Because relatively free of wax sculpture and sculptor better forms of derivative works. Mosaic artist uses wax model gem decorative effect: how to mix colors, what resonates, which display angle. Then, jewelry artist-applying and wax method to chrome hearts jewelry obtain precious metal parts through this superb technology and deep knowledge of aesthetics to perfection details and proportions of the work.

Gem-cutting Division calculation precision, precision crafted, dexterous hands alone in cutting stones one by one on the best cutting point, in order to show its most sparkling side.

Mosaic artist and set stones using various different methods, including Chun inlay, claw set, set, or submerged mosaic. Both gem size, all hand-set, so this is a very time consuming process. Once incorrectly set stones may be damaged in the process.

Subsequently, the jewelry maker by means of fixed or hinged parts combine jewelry,chrome hearts jewelry outlet online and every detail is grinding and polishing.

Polish divisions in accordance with different metal work, as a setting for a jewel,chrome hearts jewelry online and hollow sections, like Cartier in cotton with the special polishing to achieve pure shine polishing and gem-fine edge is polished with a sharpened goose Quill stem. These fun tools coming from the ancient arts and crafts heritage.

Gem filters, design drawings, engraving wax, precious metal casting, gem cutting and polishing, hand fixed, mosaic, jewelry polishing, advanced jewelry creation process takes the whole team working for months or even years of hard work, so some fine jewelry workshops to create each piece is unique.

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