Canada Goose Parka 2015 Outlet

Cold weather gear is essential for anyone who enjoys being outdoors all year round. Being able to stay warm during the winter, or when visiting cold weather destinations, brings a sense of freedom that can be exhilarating, and provides an opportunity to pursue our passions, even when conditions aren’t exactly at their best.

“Today, consumers value things that are real,” Canada Goose chief marketing officer Kevin Spreekmeester said. “They are starting to want to know the story behind what they’re buying … We’ve done much, much smaller stuff in the past. Now, we really need to get ahead of the story.”

In recent years, as the coats became trendy, the company saw annual revenue increase from $5-million in 2001 to $150-million in 2013. This year, Canada Goose forecasts its revenues will reach more than $300-million.

one day of week, outside peak hours, were not there crossed not less than four coats Canada Goose (whose average price is 1000 francs)! A total of ten down jackets, which are necessarily setting when to breath the bise.

When I returned to Quebec with my black Canada Goose I was all crazy, smiles Florence Stumpe, a well wrapped up Lausanne. But now that everyone has one, I am almost tempted to unstitch the crest, to follower. Yet, I am changes his mind because that’s the bomb: with a simple Sweatshirt cotton, I’m hot despite the cold wind!

Even more than the Italian Moncler, his cousin mode and often in shiny fabric, the Canadian brand has invaded the French-speaking Switzerland starting, once is not custom, by warm the men.

“The long classical model as the ‘Castle’ parka is perfect on a suit. As coats are light, they are not too bulky, explains François Biéler, patron of Trend Mania in Lausanne, the first store to have proposed the Canada Goose brand – in 2008 already! -in the canton of Vaud capital. “Today, I would say that customer is 50% – 50% between women and men and will the young person who attends a school private a person 70 years and more primarily concerned by the fear of being cold.”

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