Canada Goose: Out There

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Luxury brands are now counting on large-scale projects. The Moncler that supports extreme sports athletes and a polar expedition with Michele Pontrandolfo while the watchmaker Tag Heuer sponsors night of skiing, film annual event on the sports of slips. Canada Goose, best known to be worn by young students mechus of the 16th arrondissement to support polar adventures would like to set the record straight at the time. It therefore offered the services of Paul Haggis (Million dollar Baby, letters from Iwo Jima with Clint Eastwood to achieve) for Out There, a short hypnotic and scary.
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The cast is no slouch with a gaggle of men and women out of the ordinary that trace the course of Lance Mackey, winner of the Iditarod, the toughest sled dog race in the world in Alaska. Out There recalls the adventures of Laurie Skreslet, first Canadian to have climbed to the top of Everest and or those of Karl Bushby, a kind of Superman that runs through the most hostile regions of the globe with his sleigh as it appears trainer as a burden. The tour of Canada Goose is to pay tribute to these exceptional characters who arouse admiration and fear, sometimes, without forgetting its adventurous customers as those that we discover in a form of everyday life far from easy. Place in the show.

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